Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fortay - 2148 mixtape (Vol 2)

Underground Aussie rap at it's best. From Blacktown (2148), Fortay represents West Sydney rapping about "real shit" not "bullshit". I must give an Explicit warning as this mixtape is not for the faint hearted, but the "The realness" is what makes this mixtape great. This mixtape features other underground artist like Tofurious, Ubd, 2loco, Losty, hyjak, Redbak and Defiant. The beats are also banging'... Enjoy this rip and keep an eye out for more releases from FORTAY!

Contact Fortay on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/fortay2148

The tracklisting is as follows;

01. Intro
02. West shit
03. 3 the hard way
04. Aint shit for free feat. Ubd
05. Ride these nutz feat. Tofurious
06. F*** every cop and his mum feat. Ubd and Defiant
07. Untold
08. Where Im from feat. Tofurious
09. Aint no one
10. Golden days feat. Redbak and Defiant
11. Bumpy industry
12. High and drunk
13. High life
14. Build
15. Face it
16. Choc top
17. Come on now
18. Can you dig it? feat 2loco
19. Dangerous
20. Play to win feat. Losty
21. In the club with a weapon
22. Youse a lowey feat. Tofurious
23. Lock the doors feat. hyjak
24. Mary jane
25. Strip club feat Tofurious and Ubd
26. Ice age
27. Good guys


Here is the rapidshare download link:

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